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The Different Bail Bonds Services

As we popularly know, bondsmen, agencies, and corporations tend to accused persons by acting as a surety that the accused will appear in court for his or her case. In doing so, they pledge money or property as the bail. This reduces the burden placed on the accused of coming up with the funds, whilst at the same time enabling them to be released from the court jails.

Depending on the severity of the case and the amount of bail that the court sets bondsmen, agencies, and corporations offer a variety of services that suit the different cases. This forms the variety of their services.

Professional Bail Bondsmen Services – These services characterize a typical profession. They promise the courts that the defendant will attend to court for their cases. Our money or assets back the contract between the court and us. However, the defendant has to attain a non-refundable collateral before they post the money in question.

Surety Bondsman – A surety a service rendered by us, agency or corporation that is backed by an insurance company or bank. Since the financial backing of the insurance company gives us greater depth of assets, they are thus capable of posting of higher amounts of money. This includes federal and immigration, where a surety is posted.

The above two types of services rendered are closely associated with the following types:

  • Cash
  • Property
  • Surety

As mentioned, the types of the bond depends on the severity of the case and the jurisdiction.

Accommodation Bondsman Services – This is another type of bail service available for defendants. However, professional bonds service providers never render this service. Accommodation are posted by family or friends as a personal favor. As such, the person posting the bond is responsible for making sure that the defendant appears in court. However, unlike professional bondsmen, agencies, and corporation persons posting the accommodation are not eligible for receiving any compensation.

The above services are the primary service and the main source of their income. However agencies, and corporations offer a variety of services to their clients. Below are also other of the notable services that many individuals and companies are dealing in the industry render to their clients.

  1. Notary services
  2. Transport to and from courts.
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